Below is our dinner menu, which is available in the evenings. We have a separate lunch time menu which you can get to by clicking here.
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Vegetable Samosa £4.95
Poppadums and dips for Three (India’s crunchy appetiser) £6.95
Poppadums and dips for Four (India’s crunchy appetiser) £8.95
Mumbai Style nachos to share (v) £6.95
Add minced lamb for extra £3.00
Poppadums and dips for two (India’s crunchy appetiser) £4.95
Pan fried cod with exotic spices – sweet, hot and sour (gf) (df) £6.95
Char-grilled dill seasoned salmon and beetroot chutney (gf) £7.95/13.95
Tandoori chicken tikka marinated in pickled spices and green chutney (gf) £6.95/11.95
Gingery spiced tandoori lamb chops and green chutney (gf) £7.95/13.95
Punjabi style saffron paneer with mixed peppers (v) (gf) £6.95/11.95
Chicken malai tikka with green chutney £6.95/11.95
Chilli garlic king prawns with naan bread £8.95
Char-grilled minced lamb kebabs with aromatic spices, mixed peppers
and chutneys £6.95/11.95
Pan fried spiced cauliflower florets seasoned with spring onion (v) (gf) £5.95
Onion bhaji with tangy tamarind chutney (Indian street food) (v) (gf) £4.95
Mantra Vegetarian Platter with chutneys which includes:
(Paneer tikka, onion bhaji, vegetarian samosa) (v) £9.95
Mantra Non-vegetarian Platter with chutneys which includes:
Lamb chops, chicken tikka duo, minced lamb kebabs £14.95
Gin-drizzled char-grilled king prawns with Indian spices flavoured with jasmine £15.95


(with chef improvisations)
South Indian recipe, a pancake made from ground rice and pulses
Masala dosa with potato filling, coconut chutney and sambar (v) (df) (gf) £6.95
Chicken tikka dosa, coconut chutney and sambar (gf) £7.95
Minced lamb dosa, coconut chutney and sambar (df) (gf) £7.95
Paneer dosa, coconut chutney and sambar (gf) £7.95


Cubes of boneless chicken cooked in Korma (almond and cashew) sauce (gf) £11.95
Kadhai spiced king prawns (df) (gf) £15.95
Seabass in Goan style coconut milk sauce (df) (gf) £14.95
Fish of the day in Hyderabadi style flavoured salan (df) (gf) £13.95
Hyderabadi medium chilli chicken (df) (gf) £11.95
Punjabi tandoori chicken tikka masala (gf) £11.95
Chennai hot chicken (df) (gf) £11.95
North Indian butter chicken (gf) (n) £11.95
Lamb with fresh spinach (df) (gf) £12.95
Slow cooked shank of lamb in Hyderabadi spices (df) (gf) £15.95
Kashmiri aromatic lamb rogan josh (df) (gf) £12.95
Kheema Paav (Indian street food) minced lamb cooked in tantalising earthy spices
with a bread roll £12.95


served wtih traditional raita
Hyderabadi king prawn biriyani (gf) £15.95
Hyderabadi lamb dum biriyani (gf) £14.95
Hyderabadi chicken biriyani (gf) £12.95
Vegetarian biriyani (v) £11.95


Sautéed potatoes with exotic lightly spiced sauce £5.95/£8.95
Sweet, sour and lightly spiced baby aubergines (df) (gf) £6.95/£9.95
Tempered okra with samal fennel seeds (df) (gf) £6.95/£9.95
Stir fried spinach with garlic and light spices (df) (gf) £5.95/£8.95
Paneer with chilli and mixed peppers (gf) £6.95/£9.95
Amritsari chickpeas (df) (gf) £5.95/£8.95
Daal: North Indian black lentils with tomatoes, cream and clarified butter (gf) £4.95/£7.95
Daal: Yellow lentils tempered with cumin and mild spices (df) (gf) £4.95/£7.95
Punjabi paneer and spinach (gf) £6.95/£9.95


Plain naan £2.95
Garlic naan £2.95
Tandoori roti (df) £2.50
Peshawari naan (n) £3.95
Gluten free roti £3.95


Plain rice (df) £2.95
Pilau rice £2.95
Mushroom rice £3.50
Traditional raita £2.95
Boondi raita £3.50
Salad £3.95


Gulab jamun in saffron and rose scented syrup and ice cream (v) £5.95
Carrot halwa with ice cream (v) £5.95
Kulfi (n) (v)
(Mango, rose, pistachios, malai) £4.95
Spiced ice cream (with nuts option) (v) £4.95
(v) Vegetarian (n) Contains nuts (gf) Gluten-free (df) Dairy-free. WE LEVY 10% SERVICE CHARGE. Prices include VAT @ 20%.
We welcome your comments and suggestions. Please speak to our duty manager or email us at mantraindianbath@gmail.com.
Fish may contain small bones. Some of our dishes may contain or have been in contact with nuts, please let your server know of any allergies or dietary requirements. We use locally sourced produce whenever possible.
*Gluten free option is available upon request for some of the menu items. Please speak to a member of staff.